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Stop letting the need for technical skills or scary job requirements deter you.

Uncover Your Hidden Talent

Job competition is fierce - stop competing and learn how to stand out.

Overcome Technical Blockers

It's not the technical skills that make the best candidate, it's the intangibles.

Niche Down, Unlock Doors

The world of pre-sales is huge! Knowing how to niche down will help you break in faster.

Transition In

Learn to Tell Your Story and Break into Pre-Sales

From Cybersecurity Practitioner to Pre-Sales

You already have the technical skills and cybersecurity experience, let's just add some sales polish!

From Raising Kids to Pre-Sales

Raising little humans is one of the hardest jobs on the planet, breaking into pre-sales should be a breeze.

From Healthcare to Pre-Sales

From the front lines of patient care to the front lines of the sales team.

From Educator to Pre-Sales

Sales isn't about selling, it's about educating. Who is better qualified than those with classroom experience.